* 3m/Oracal Brand 12" x 30' or 36' Racing / Rally Stripes

* 3m/Oracal Brand 12" x 30' or 36' Racing / Rally Stripes
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Price $54.99

Our 12" STRIPE KIT includes a full 30 or 36 feet of high quality 12" striping starting at only $54.99 for the 30 foot kit and $59.99 for the 36 foot kit. This is more than enough to cover the hood, roof and rear of the car. The kit can be ordered WITH or WITHOUT a separate 60 foot roll of pinstripes. ($5 to add pinstripes to kit)

black racing stripes automotive

All of our 12" stripe kits are cut from our amazing 3m or Oracal Brand Wet Application Vinyl. This means that the stripes can be applied using soapy water much like window tint is installed. This makes it easy for anyone to install stripes on their car. The mild soapy water has no adverse affect on this vinyl. Instructions along with videos can be found at this link.

12 inch black white racing stripes

YOU HAVE YOUR CHOICE OF WHITE, BLACK or MATTE BLACK. Click below to see our colors. Select your color using the drop down window above.

This is a cut to fit kit meaning you cut a piece for each section of the vehicle you are working on.  The kits will fit almost any car.

Easy instructions & a free squeegee are provided with the kit.

1. To install the stripes simply mix a spray bottle of 16-20 ounces water and 4 drops of dishwashing liquid together and spray both the car and the back of the vinyl stripe. (after peeling away the wax paper)

2. Then slide the stripe into position and squeegee out any air bubbles with the free squeegee supplied with the kit.

3. Once dry you trim any excess with an exacto knife or razor blade.

NOTE: As long as the stripe is wet you can work with it. When the soapy water solution evaporates the stripe is permanent until you want to remove it.



You can order online with a credit card or paypal.  Feel free to call 850-934-3157 with any questions

Click here to see more pictures of our 12" kit