Racing Stripes - Fits Dodge Challenger 2009 - 2022

Racing Stripes - Fits  Dodge Challenger 2009 - 2022
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Price $69.99

Racing stripe kit for Dodge Challenger.  Fits all Challengers, as long as they have the hood like in the pictures below with a wide enough flat area.

Shaped hood stripes plus 20 feet of 10 inch wide striping for the rest of the car.  3m or Oracal 651 wet application vinyl for easy installation.  We have two styles to choose from, a Tapered Stripe, and a Heritage Stripe.  The tapered stripe gets progressively wider as it goes back.  The Heritage has an hour glass taper to it.  See the pictures below for specifics.

We carry these kits in 4 colors, Gloss Black, Matte Black, Gloss White, and Gloss Red.  The kit runs $69.99 and includes two precut hood stripes that are approximately 7 inches wide in the front, and 10 inches wide in the back.  Plus 20 feet of ten inch striping for the rest of the car.  This striping is cut to fit, meaning you trim and tuck it to fit the car.  So you get two precut hood stripes, and 20 feet of trim to fit striping for the roof and rear deck.

The hood stripes are about 51 inches long each and are designed with a little extra material at the back. After the stripes are squeegeed on, this can be trimmed and tucked under. The rest of the car is striped using the 10" rolled striping provided.

The stripes will fit any Dodge Challenger as long as their is a flat area in the center of the hood that will accomodate the stripes.  You need about 16 inches of width in the front of the hood, and 24 inches in the back.

To apply this kit, mix a bottle of mild soapy water. (1/4 teaspoon per 16 ounces)  Spray the car and then peel the backing from the stripe and spray the adhesive side.  (do not get the stripes wet with the backing on)  Lay the stripe down (adhesive side down), slide it into position, spray the surface, and squeegee on.  Do not apply in direct sun or on a windy day.  Inside a garage is best.

dodge challenger tapered racing stripes

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